We are always looking for new team members who are eager to learn and grown in a company with potential. We regularly work with universities and colleges to train the next generation of entrepreneurs and engineers.

Sometimes the trainee ends up working full time when we see they have the same ambition and passion for the 3d printing industry as we do.

There are various positions available within the company with different responsibilities. The follow trainee positions are still available.

– Marketer

– Machine learning

– Copywriter

– Translator


We are looking for like minded people with ambition, potential and who are not afraid to speak their mind. We take your CV as a intro, all kind of experiences is essential to complete our team, whether you are a Msc or second year of your MBO, we have a mix group of people who each contribute to the company in their own way and ability. So don’t be put off that easily and submit your CV and get that trainee position !. Just use the contact form on the website to get in touch with us, and maybe you will be our newest team member!