We have the Simplify3D software for those who want an easy out of the box software which allows you to select the Cyrus 3D printer profile and start printing in less than 30 seconds. This means you install the program, select the “Cyrus 3D Printer” profile settings and you are good to go. This software is created by an young and talented team which started in early 2013. Their intuitive software with unique slicing algoritm has made quite a name for itself and we are proud to be able to offer this to all our customers. The slicing and loading time of the Simplify3D software is lighting fast compared to it’s open source competitor. We believe the retail price of just 129.99 Euro is an bargain. As of 01/06/2014 we are offering an combo deal which includes the Cyrus 3D printer, Simplify3D software, and 750gram PLA filmant of your choosing.S3ds

Open Source

Like our printer we have not compromised on the software, but at the same time we won’t limit our customers to an fixed package. We like our customers to have the best of both world. For those who want to stay close to the open source heart and community and want to have the edge on the latest developments with the benefits that come with it we can recommend the Repetier host and slic3r package. The Repetier host is an user friendly host which allows communication between you and your 3D printer. Please visit the intro page or the repetier website for full details on this free software solutionrepetierhsti


If you are using the Repetier host in combination with the Slic3r program, you can download our config file here and load this in the Slic3r program. If you are using the Simplify3D™ program, you won’t be needing a config file, you can select the Cyrus profile from the option menu. We strongly advice all users to print spare parts for the printer should you have access to only one 3D printer. The files are freely available here.

Some users wish to operate the printer through usb, you will need the following FTDI driver to do this

For the latest firmware update you will need the arduino IDE and our Repetier firmware. Please download the correct firmware for your model printer. Download the V1 or the V2 firmware depending on your model, please check the sticker on the backside of your printer to see your version. If you have lost your paper version of the manual, you can download the PDF version.