Business Solutions 

The Cyrus 3D printer enjoys a diversity of users,the simplicity of the printer makes it a perfect all round 3d printer which can be used in the classroom, by engineers , hobbyists and artists and companies

We are offering tailored services to our power users who need that extra attention. The SLA is broadly available to our business users in Netherlands and Belgium and other European countries. Please use the contact form to get in touch with us about the available options for your business.

Educational Program 

We strongly believe in supporting the educational system. Through workshops and exclusive partnerships with schools and universities we try to show youngsters the fascinating world of 3D printing and the opportunities it has to offer.

We have several packages and deals in place which ranges from a workshop to an full out partnership where we arrange the integration of this new technology into the school. The purpose of involving young mind into the world of 3D printing is to offer a platform where they realize their ideas in 3D. Whereas in the past it was limited to a piece of paper.

There is nothing more motivating than seeing your idea and creativity to be translated to a real world device or creature. Whether an aspiring engineer or artist, they will be amazed what they can achieve with 3D printing.

The process to achieve this will be closely monitored and done in collaboration with the school/university. For more information on what a 3D printer can offer your school please use the contact form.