In early 2010 the company started developing their own parts for Drones for customers who needed a tailored solution. This process was very time consuming. It took weeks of machining and testing before everyone was satisfied with the end result.

3D printing offered the solution to us and it meant we could offer a lower price to our customer and deliver the final product much faster. However it was a major setback when we realized that the promised “desktop” 3D printing solution was from “desktop” ready. We spend weeks on tweaking and tuning the printer we bought just to print a simple block and it ended up in the bin.

There had to be a better way to deal with this, we dedicated a separate section of our company to the development of new kind of 3D printer. A printer which needed minimum setup time, was low maintenance and gave superb results. After a year of development we turned to the online community on Kickstarter to realize this new vision. In couple of weeks time the campaign had collected over 20000 euros.

However, the feedback we received in the weeks during the campaign showed us what the consumers really wanted. The campaign was aimed at the entry level, while people wanted high end, even if that meant paying more. We cancelled the campaign and went back to the drawing board in 2013 with the following in mind.

  • It has to be truly desktop size, not exceeding 40cm in L/W/H. Compared to the 55cm height of the original Cyrus
  • dual head ready
  • durable
  • high end materials, no cheap bushings. only premium linear guides and ballscrews
  • manufactured in Netherlands
  • 2 Year Factory Warranty
  • CE approved
  • Easy setup
  • Multimaterial printing
  • wireless option
  • SD card printing

With this road map and healthy bag of feedback, we delivered the first printer to the public in January 2014 and the rest is as they say, history.

Today we continue building upon that success and serve customers ranging from Engineers, artists, hobbyist and stock exchange listed companies. We know all 3D printing companies claim they have the very best 3D printer, but we like to leave that to the customers.

You won’t find a forum at the moment because most of the customers contact us directly should they have any quires or contact their local re seller. Al tough the power of the community is very beneficial, we also believe in a premium level of service when you purchase our printer.

Set your mind free and be only limited by your own imagination

S. Seyedi

Founder Cyrus Printers